You’ll love the food in Costa Rica!


Fresh fruit all the time

There’s always fresh fruit in Costa Rica. Discover fruits that you never even knew existed. Try mango, kiwis, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, cas, and the list goes on! There’s nothing like getting to know a new culture like trying new foods.

Traditional Costa Rican breakfast

Traditional Costa Rican breakfast

The most common traditional breakfast in Costa Rica offers scrambled eggs, gallo pinto (which is a mix of rice and beans), sweet plantains, sausage, tortillas or toast, and fresh fruit. Don’t forget the fruit juice and coffee, of course!


Enjoy buffet meals

Enjoy hot buffet meals with your team. Choose from among lots of choices at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We make sure that your team’s meals are hot, delicious, healthy, and with generous portions. Try new dishes or choose from your good old favorites from home.

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