Why travel to Costa RicaWhen looking to head abroad for training, most US basketball teams look to two regions where basketball is king: Europe and Latin America.

Here at Costa Rica Sports Tours, we’re a little biased – having enjoyed Costa Rica’s balmy weather, incredible scenery, and welcoming culture for many years – but if you’re still asking yourself, “Why travel to Costa Rica?” we’ve put together a quick list of reasons:

1. Shorter travel times…

With the possible exception of the northeastern United States, Costa Rica is a much shorter flight than even the closest airports of Europe. What’s more, once you’re here, you can travel between every tropical ecosystem imaginable in a space roughly the size of West Virginia.

2. …and a minimal time change

This is a big one. When you’re trying to get the most out of your tour and out of your team during every jam-packed day, a lack of jet lag makes a huge difference.

3. Concrete jungle versus – well, actual jungle

No can dispute the cultural capital available in Europe’s great cities. For us, Costa Rica’s natural settings are the perfect complement to a hard training session. There’s just no beating serene and gorgeous scenery, fresh fruits and veggies, clean air, and our Pura Vida vibe to refresh and restore a tired athlete.

4. Warm weather year-round

Whether your weather back home is icy or scalding, you’ll find perfectly warm weather all year long in Costa Rica (with the only noticeable difference between seasons being the afternoon rain showers of the May-November rainy season.) Whether you’re escaping the snow for an off-season training session or fleeing humid summer heat during preseason, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief in Costa Rica.

5. Biodiversity you’ll never forget

Sorry, Old World. You just can’t compete here. When your team kicks back after practice, they’ll have a chance to mingle with monkeys, sloths, and macaws at the beach, mountains, or rainforest – all within short distances of their stadiums and courts. And that, perhaps more than anything else, is what ensures that your Costa Rica basketball tour will not only boost their skills, but also create memories they’ll talk about for a lifetime.

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